One of the core values of Tikal — the software engineering agency I’m working with — is Mentorship. Mentorship in general is one of my core values in life too. I could attribute many, if not all of my greatest achievements in recent years to ideas I’ve learned from my mentors, and actions I took to implement them.

In this post I will focus on the professional aspect of that. More specifically I will focus on a process called “The Roadmap” in Tikal. It’s only part of the whole mentorship picture, but surely a significant one.

Career Roadmap

The Roadmap is a…

TLDR; I’m looking for a way to provide Data Scientists with tools to deploy a growing number of models independently, with minimal Engineering and DevOps efforts for each deployment. After considering several model serving solutions, I found Seldon Core to be the most suitable for this project’s needs


I’m currently building an ML based system for my client.
To give you a simplified context without getting too much into the details — the goal of the ML system is to help the main business system by providing real time predictions based on trained NLP models:

To demonstrate why Debezium and Delta Lake make an interesting combo, especially for use cases involving Microservices Applications and Big Data, I’ll share a story I’ve encountered recently

Capturing data changes in multiple application instances

A Client’s Use Case

One of our clients approached me with the following story:

  • The company is making a microservices application
  • Each of their customers is running it’s own instance of the application — along with it’s own databases
  • They want to capture data changes in all of the application instances — of all their customers — to update a central Data Lake which holds a replication of the latest database state
  • Then they want to…

Yinon D. Nahamu

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